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  • What is The Connector?
    The Connector of West Georgia is a collaborative effort from our nonprofits to provide assistance to those in need. You complete one application that is matched with a local or external agency.
  • What services does The Connector offer?
    We provide connections to local resources: food, financial aid (utilities, rent, medical, hotel stay, and mortgage), job training programs, clothing, emergency shelter, laundry, shower, state and federal support, transportation, client support (one on one location of services), and document support (drivers license, birth certificate, and social security card). External referrals are given for child care, transitional housing, affordable housing, legal assistance, medical services, and mental health services.
  • Which counties do we serve?
    The Connector serves Carroll, Haralson & Heard counties.
  • When do I receive support?
    For immediate support, go to the The Connector will contact you within 10days of the application date. If an agency is available, you will be notified within 24 hours by email (fastest method) or 2 business days if no email is provided. For each request, the notification includes the name of the agency, contact information, documentation requirements (if any), and the method to contact the agency. To ensure that your request is completed quickly, you will need to provide the required documents, answer the agency questions, and respond within 48 hours to each agencies communication.
  • What do I do if my request is denied?
    For alternative support, go to the The Connector started on June 10, 2024. New local resources are joining The Connector every month. Our goal is to connect you with agencies that can help you find resources to assistance you with your current situation. If you are ready, there are agencies that are available in our local area to help you move from precarious to thriving.
  • What agencies are providers through The Connector?
    The following are the agencies that are using The Connector to support clients: Carroll County Family Connection, Goodwill Career Center (Carrollton & Villa Rica), Lifeline Mission, Open Hands United Christian Ministry, St. Margaret's Community Outreach, The Outpost-Heard County Community Partnership, Three Rivers Regional Commission, and THS Homeless Resource Bridge.
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